Saturday, 10 March 2012

Do you need a screen time savior?

It seems like most parents' dilemma these days; how to control screen time. And where does is end - from built-in dvd players in cars, games on the cell phones, and portable lap tops. Apparently never because the culture seems to want to keep our kids entertained 24/7. Can you believe that children are spending on average 7 hours a day in front of some type of screen/gadget?

Creativity and conversation seems to be lost, and what about just being okay with being bored some times. Isn't that okay?

I thought this article written by Jenn Savedge had some very good ideas for controlling the use of gadgets. There is also a huge impact on our children's health. Some of these facts are outlined on Disney's site. If I had enough courage, I'd love to just say the heck with the tv and get rid of the two dinosaur televisions we currently own, but until that happens the least I can do is follow some of these tips and motivate my children to be active, creative and occasionally bored.