Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Family fun during meals or on the road

A while back I bought a Chat Pack for Kids. I think I bought mine at Ben Franklin (teacher discount). They are tiny laminated slips of questions like, "If you were creating a movie about toys coming to life, what type of toy would be the main character?" These are great for restaurants, weekend nights, family dinners, and road trips and fit easily into a small bag or purse. If you have younger toddlers, you can always simplify a question or when it's their turn just make up something like, "what's your favorite animal?" They love to participate too. We have a similar game from Discovery Toys we enjoy called "Wiz Kidz." It appears they have a newer game out called Speed Wiz that looks like fun as well.

Here is another game that looks like fun in or out of the house.

For a more frugal option, you can make up your own questions and place them in a mason jar or other decorated container.

It's amazing how well these types of games and activities bring your family closer together, you don't have to worry about a winner or loser, and they can be played just about anywhere.

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