Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Sibling Rivalry for Dummies

Did this picture resonate with you?
As the oldest of NINE children, you'd think I could relate to this topic. Soooo not true. I honestly have a great relationship with my younger sibs. Most of them are ten years or more younger. But there isn't anything I find more frustrating than dealing with my own kids' sibling rivalry. Why can't they just have one big love fest?? Okay, so maybe I'm being naive. Here are some sites and tips that I find very useful in the matter.

One thing I'm learning is that you have to try and stay out of it. This site has good tips.

My local library had a copy I was able to check out.

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  1. It seems to come and go. Some days are really great and some days they can't seem to stop fighting. I do love watching them cuddle to each other at night and how protective they are of each other around other kids. I am the youngest of 3 and I have a great relationship with my brother and sister.